Airborne Flash Disk Module

NAND flash-based module as a building block for Airborne data recorders.

  • Non-volatile modular data recording system
  • Recording/retrieval performance 4 Gbps aggregated in/out data rate per module
  • Storage capacity up to 2 Tbytes storage capacity
  • File Controller available
  • Specialized error correcting schemes (Reed-Solomon ECC, compensates for flash device failures)
  • VME/VPX board design
  • High modularity (e.g. 4 modules for an 8 Tbytes flash disk system)
  • Possibility to extend the storage capacities and/or the data rates
  • High rate interfaces (e.g. Rapid I/O or sFPDP)
  • Robust against shock/vibration
  • For detailed specifications, please contact us