Studies / Demonstrator Projects

Crypto Studies

ASDS participated in several cryptography/security-related studies:

  • "Galileo 2nd Generation Space Segment - Phase A/B1" (ESA/OHB)
    ASDS has taken part in the phase A/B1 Galileo space segment second generation study
  • "SAT-AIS Data Protection Concept" (ESA)
    Fundamental study on the security aspects of the European satellite-based Automated Identification System (SAT-AIS). The main objective of the study is to analyse the threats on the AIS data and on the system and to compare the different potential security countermeasures selecting a final security solution
  • "GMES End-to-End Data Security Concepts" (ESA)
    ASDS performed ground network data security threat and countermeasures analysis, simulation-based study of the impact of deploying HTTPS/TLS or IPSEC in the ground network and a security concepts / countermeasures implementation issues analysis
  • "Efficient Firmware Implementation of Crypto Algorithms"
    (German Federal Bureau for Information Security, BSI)
    Comparing AES to other proprietary encryption algorithms. This covers optimization with respect to e.g. throughput or chip area for different devices and different crypto modes
  • "Flysafe precursor data security concept study" (ESA)
    ASDS undertook the data security threat and countermeasures analysis and a simulation-based study of the impact of deploying HTTPS/TLS or IPSEC in the ground network
  • "TM/TC System Security Design Study" in cooperation with OHB (ESA)
    ASDS carried out the threat and countermeasures analysis, study of countermeasure performance and the establishment of the data security concept
  • "High-Rate Downlink Encryption for Earth Observation Platforms" (ESA)
    Fundamental study on cryptographic systems for earth observation satellites providing alternatives to the existing telecommand authentication scheme

Demonstrator Projects

  • "Remote Airborne Platform with Satellite Oversight DependencY" 
    ASDS developed the encryption hardware required for the safe and secure transmission of sensor data
  • "Cryptographic Processor for Control of Telecom Processing Payloads" (ESA)
    Analysis, design and implementation of a cryptographic processor for the control of telecommunications payloads. The resulting compact hardware is based on FPGAs including all the cryptographic functions. ESA Development Project / Design Study (Breadboard delivered)